Aero-Tray | Aero-Tray
A portable, ergonomic work area for laptops, mobile devices, books, or magazines. Invented by Norman Korpi, of The Real World, for travelers everywhere.

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Aero-Tray’s Creator and original cast member of MTV’s The Real World, Norman Korpi on

Oprah’s: Where Are They Now?

The patented Z form design creates a secondary shelf that can separate food and beverage from personal electronic items or other personal traveling items.

The table position of Aero-Tray doubles the amount of space on a usable seat-back tray.

Creates an angle of support in coach seating helping counteract the angle of the reclined seat forward allowing usage of a laptop.

The Aero-Tray can be used in the home, at the airport, on the airplane, in your hotel room, then back home… making the Aero-Tray, the ultimate compact workstation!